First Wedding of 2016 at The Bond

First Wedding of 2016 at The Bond

With this lovely couple searching for a classic and modern theme for their January wedding, The Bond was a perfect match for Jacki and Taylor.


The Bond’s one-of-a-kind elements – such as the building’s exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors and tall, urban glass windows – are what drew Jacki and Taylor to the venue. They knew that its distinctive features and raw architecture would perfectly compliment their wedding’s theme and style.

The couple’s classic and modern theme for their special day was prevalent throughout the entire night with each and every intricate detail. Every aspect made the evening enchanting. The classic black and white color scheme with silver accents complemented the elegant white flowers that surrounded the room and decorated each table. Along with the flowers, romantic candlelight glowed on every table.  Jacki and Taylor’s sweetheart table was surrounded with numerous glass cylinders with floating candles. The night was filled with innumerable beautiful moments and of course hours of celebratory dancing!

Jacki and Taylor’s wedding was the first wedding of 2016 at The Bond, and we couldn’t have been more excited to kick off the new year with their big day! This was surely an occasion that could not be easily forgotten. Thank you for sharing your special day with us Jacki and Taylor!

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