It’s All About You – Wedding Trends 2016

It’s All About You – Wedding Trends 2016

It’s all about you. Well, it should be anyway. The new 2016 wedding trends are taking a turn, to focus solely on the couple and your ideas for the big day. How do you want to make not only you, but your guests, feel during your special event? What do you want them to be talking about the next day? In a few years, when they look back on your wedding day, what do you want them to remember? That is the new emphasis for this year, and we couldn’t agree more with this laser-focused you trend.


To successfully pull off an unforgettable event that is centered on you as a couple, genuineness is the key. According to the popular wedding blog, Love My Dress, the center idea here is, “focusing on personalization and how you can take advantage of current influences to create that emotive and memorable experience that’s relevant to you as a couple.”


Done are the over-the-top styling designs and cliche, cookie cutter ideas. Couples are now starting to individually personalize their events through every aspect, from start to end, big to small.  One of the first impressions couples are using to make a personalized statement is their stationery and signage.  



Another avenue that couples are choosing to prominently personalize their event is through their food. In 2016, the new wedding and event trends are to keep the dining experience on the more informal side.  The more relaxed and shared-style dining option is a preference that more and more couples are leaning towards.

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Not only are we seeing a change in the actual food at the events, but in the design of the dining experience as well. Couples are using their centerpieces and tablescapes as a way to truly express their individual and unique style.  See some inspiration below on how couples are giving their centerpieces a stamp of personalization.


From design and stationery, to food and the dining experience – plus everything in between – we are seeing a shift in the “you-centered” wedding industry trends. This is the one day that you should not be afraid to make it all about you.  We urge you to really consider what’s important to you as you embark on this new chapter of your life.  What kind of story will your wedding tell?  

story story1


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